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    Project management
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 Time Registration

      Register the hours you perform and relate them to a specific project or phase.

      Plan your meetings, tasks and link them to projects.

      Manage all your contacts in a centralised database and connect them to your projects.

 Project Management

      You can store information regarding your projects in conveniently arranged files.
      By choosing specific colours, you will keep a clear view over your projects and their stages.
 Project Planning

      Plan projects, in order to oversee tasks and their deadlines.
 Invoice Management 

      This application allows you to easily monitor your invoices and payments and optimise the
      cashflow of your company.

 Document Management 

     By creating standard documents and templates you will be able to conduct a straight forward

 Human Resources Management
      This feature helps you manage your employees and their wages, as well as monitor  their productivity.
 Customer Relationship Management

     Optimize the follow-up of your prospects and leads
 Mail Notification

     You decide whether you want to be notified about appointments, tasks, deadlines or outstanding invoices.

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