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PRA is a project management application, specially designed for companies providing services. The objective is to handle all data concerning the internal management both centralized and automated.

PRA is an internet-based application. It is accessible from every workstation connected to the internet. If desired, the system can be implemented on a server within your own network. This means that PRA enables internal employees as well as employees on the road or working at home to access the system.

Its configuration can be tailored to your company and therefore permits us to adapt the parameters to your needs and method of operation.

  The advantages of PRA for company managers are multiple
 fast and simple billing
 better controle over performance
 better analysis of potential profitability problems
 quicker response to a risk-files
 decrease in cost of internal and external processing
 better knowledge of the internal cost structure
 better basis to create offers
 easier management of suplementary services
 ability to sensitize and create responsability
 uniformity in the processing of information through cantralization
  Employees can also benefit from the PRA
 Automatic annex to billings
 Possibility for self-assessment
 Personal motivation through responsibility
 Access to up-to-date data (contacts, tasks, agenda)

Ultimately, the relation of trust with clients will improve because of the detailed and clear account of your performance you can now display. Also, they will have an increased appreciation for the efficient and well managed provision of services.

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