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Portfolio is a web-based application that allows you to create and manage your website and intranet.

With Portfolio, you can build a web- or intranetsite, based on preprogrammed pages. To manage and change the content of your pages, no specific knowledge is needed.

So, at the same time, Portfolio is:

  • A user-friendly application for producing your own web- or intranetpages.
  • A system to manage the content of your pages

Moreover, the intranet version can be linked to a calendar, task manager and performance manager.

With Portfolio, you get a powerful tool to improve and make the internal and external communication of your company more dynamic. For all this, just a small investment is needed.

Website managers can use Portfolio to spread information about the company's activities in a fast and simple manner. It is a modern way for presenting your company, products, goods, projects, etc.

Thanks to Portfolio's user friendliness for managing the content of your website, you can implement a lively communication policy. E.g.: Keep your promotions, references and price lists up-to-date, present new products, etc.

A nice bonus to the system is the ability to offer extra services, such as a webshop for online commerce and the sharing of informative files.
As an Intranet Manager, Portfolio is both a dynamic tool and a strong vector for your corporate culture towards your employees, customers or partners.

As regards the intranet, it is THE instrument to share company information in a simple and structured way.

By displaying internal data orderly, you stimulate the flow of information for two parties:

  • the user who can now consult the right data fast and targeted
  • the administrator who can manage data in a centralized way

An intranet is especially suitable for giving external stakeholders an privileged access to part of your workflow. This way, you can share useful information with customers, business partners or suppliers. Even more than for a website, it is extremely important that the information on an intranet is always up-to-date. Thanks to Portfolio, you will be able to drastically reduce the cost of both your traditional communication (fax, post, phone) and the maintenance of your intranet.

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