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General conditions of use

Belgium – July 2007

The usage of the websites, developed by Imagine-IT, is subject to the following general conditions of usage.

Imagine-IT Ltd. keeps the right to change these general conditions of use of the websites at any given time.

Intellectual property rights

The name Imagine-IT, logo’s and concepts, connected to Imagine-IT, deposited or not, that are shown at the Imagine-IT websites, same as the domain names of these sites, are and remain the exclusive property of Imagine-IT and are copyright-protected.

It is forbidden, by any means whatsoever, to reproduce the content of the websites, partially or completely, to distribute, to publicise, to forward by mail, to change, both visually as textually, or to create works that are derived from this website, for whatever reason, without preceding, explicit and written permission of Imagine-IT.

Absence of guarantee

Despite all possible efforts that are undertaken to update and secure websites, Imagine-IT cannot confirm, nor guarantee:

  • That the Imagine-IT Ltd. websites are free of viruses, data copying programs, Trojan horses or other destructive material;
  • That the information found on the Imagine-IT websites is correct or up-to-date.
Important notifications

Despite the fact that all possible efforts were undertaken to secure that the colour and accuracy of the products, as seen on the Imagine-IT website, give an accurate representation of the original products, deviations can still occur, amongst others because of technical restrictions concerning the colour reproduction of your data processing equipment.

Therefore, Imagine-IT cannot be held responsible for faults or inaccuracies concerning the photos or graphical representations of the products that are shown on the Imagine-IT website.If you would have questions regarding the visual representation of the products, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

The websites of Imagine-IT may contain links to websites of third parties that are not publicised controlled by Imagine-IT. These links are only mentioned for informative ends.

The Imagine-IT websites can also mention different organisations or authorities, periodicals, magazines, etc… Do realize that Imagine-IT Ltd. has no control whatsoever about the content, the products or the services that are offered therein. As a consequence, the presence of these mentions on the Imagine-IT Ltd. website holds no responsibility on behalf of Imagine-IT Ltd..

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